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SeaWorld: End Captive Orca Breeding Program - sign here.

Dr. Gerald Dick: Please support Japanese Groups by Enforcing WAZA’s code of ethics – sign here.

Save Marineland’s Animals – sign here.

Free the Disney Dolphins – sign here.

Stop the transport of baby dolphins and the slaughter of dolphins and whales in the blue cove in Japan – sign here.

Take the pledge to never visit a dolphinarium or Marine-Park that holds Cetaceans captive again here.

Dolphins don’t belong in traveling Circuses – sign here.

WAZA IMATA stop supporting the dolphin slaughter in Taiji! – sign here.

End the Faroe Islands Pilot whale slaughter! – sign here.

International Whaling Commission: Provide protection against the killing of defenseless dolphins – sign here.

No more Marine Mammals in tanks! -sign here.

Declaration of Cetacean Rights – sign here.


–A new aquarium facility is currently being constructed in Sendai, Japan. We are urging dolphin lovers to please send an email to the Mayor, Ms. Emiko Okuyama, and ask her politely and respectfully to say NO to captive dolphins. We feel it’s important to be courteous and mindful of our wording so we have provided a sample email and tweet in the event found here. Please share and invite your friends, the more emails the better.

–There are only 55 critically endangered Maui’s Dolphins left and they urgently need your help! Please participate in the “Let’ Face It” visual petition campaign.