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Texas PTA: Cut Partnership with SeaWorld

unnamedIn today’s day and age promoting dolphin and whale captivity to children and young adults is unacceptable. The Texas PTA has partnered with SeaWorld and is offering discounted tickets to it’s members. This gives the impression that the PTA supports the notion that dolphins, whales and other marine mammals exist strictly for human entertainment.

What the PTA isn’t telling it’s members is that the animals at SeaWorld suffer tremendously. Dolphins and whales are highly intelligent creatures with complex social structures. Captive cetaceans live in barren environments that are less than 1% of their natural habitat and are often paired with unfamiliar dolphins. Captive marine mammals are susceptible to many ailments such as digestive blockages (due to swallowing foreign objects), malnutrition and mental instability. Scientists note that these animals are at a greater risk of contracting communicable diseases, skin disorders caused by chemicals that are used to treat tank water, and inescapable aggravated attacks from tank mates. It’s also important to note that most marine mammals held in captivity die premature deaths in comparison to their wild counter-parts.

The Texas PTA has the chance to join hundreds of other people, organizations, schools and businesses who have taken a stand against marine mammals in captivity. Since the release of the award-winning movie, “The Cove” and also “Blackfish”, there is no excuse to further educate yourself about the on-going issues with captive cetaceans.

We are asking the Texas PTA to take a stand and only partner with associations and businesses that don’t profit off of the backs of cetaceans and other marine-life. Dolphins and whales do not exist for human entertainment and this outdated practice should be phased out completely. Please sign our petition by clicking on the button below!

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Alex Lewis-Dorer

Alex Lewis-Dorer is a 27 year old activist. Having watched The Cove during its initial release and learning about the capture practices and the dangers of captivity, she felt compelled to stand up and voice her concerns to others. Since then she has dedicated her time and energy to working towards educating others about ocean conversation. In 2012 Alex joined forces with Wendy Brunot to have a lone killer whale named Shouka, moved to an alternate marine park to be with other orcas. Following the news of a planned Beluga Whale import, Alex hosted a protest in Atlanta In July 2012 together with Free the Atlanta 11 and GARP which attracted significant attention to the issues behind such an initiative. Alex has also played a large part in being a strong voice against Marineland, Canada, holding a demo at the facility in May 2014 in honor of Kiska, Canada’s last captive whale. She has dedicated much of her time to bringing attention to Marineland’s suffering animals. She also voices her concerns over many other captive marine faculties and lends her hand on campaigns regarding this issue. Alex’s love is not limited to cetaceans – she sees the beauty in all marine life. She is excited to be part of the movement that will end captivity for all marine mammals. Alex is also a proud team member for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

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