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I’ll be the first to admit that being an active advocate takes patience, dedication and perseverance. After many petitions with limited success, debates with no apparent win and countless facebook shares, without change; you might be discouraged and start ignoring the latest petition, scroll past yet another “please share”, and tuck your resolve into your back pocket, while saying to yourself: “I’m only one person, no one will miss my efforts.

Which is, of course, what marine parks such as Sea World, are counting on.

As we roll into the second summer after the release of Blackfish, marine parks that hold whales and dolphins are counting on the “Blackfish effect” to be running its course and the number of protestors to dwindle down to a staunch few.

Sea Worlds stock prices will gain value, attendance will rise and the Sea World PR machine will kick into action saying:  We told you so. It was nothing more than a small number of extremist activists tilting at the Sea World windmill, without just cause. Our whales are happy and thriving.

Sea Worlds 1stQ financial report did show a small increase in attendance; likely to have been the result of discounted tickets. And their overall revenue did increase slightly; primarily due to an almost 5% reduction in operating costs. Some market analysts are suggesting that this might me the summer of a turnaround for Sea World.

It’s time for us to redouble our efforts and prove that we are resolute and unwavering in our determination.

An opportunity has presented itself for you to express your support for captive killer whales and dolphins by telling representatives from travel organizations throughout the United States, that Sea World is not an appropriate travel destination as long as they keep killer whales and dolphins in captivity.

On May 29 – June 4, the U.S. Travel Association’s, 2015 IPW, (International Pow Wow… yes, that’s actually what the acronym stands for.) is taking place in Orlando, Florida.

The US Travel Associations- 2015 IPW, is a travel industry trade show with more than 1,000 travel organizations from across the US, and will attract over 1,300 domestic and international buyers from 70 countries, resulting in an estimated $4.7 billion generated for US markets… including Sea World.

Over 380 travel writers and journalists from around the world will be covering the event, including writers from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and China; countries that already hold killer whales captive, or countries which are markets that Sea World has targeted for expansion.

This is an opportunity for advocates that cannot be missed.

Sea World is an exhibitor and sponsor at the IPW and is represented by:

SeaWorld San Diego, SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Orlando FL.

The focus of our efforts should be aimed at the Sea World hosted event that is taking place on Monday, June 1st- as described on the US Travel Associations, IPW website:

IPW 2015 Lunches and Evening Events

“One Ocean, One World” | SeaWorld Orlando
7:00-10:30 p.m.
“Tonight, set sail to SeaWorld Orlando’s “One Ocean, One World” celebration—an evening of thrills, delicious food and dazzling entertainment inspired by the wonders of the sea.
We invite you to embark on a voyage through the seven ports of SeaWorld Orlando, each a harbor of vibrant, live entertainment and delicious globally inspired cuisine, plus world-class attractions. Meet SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Ambassadors and hear their amazing rescue stories. Relax over cold drinks or let your imagination take flight on one of SeaWorld Orlando’s thrilling attractions.”
Sponsor: SeaWorld Orlando

Our call to action:

Make your voice heard and encourage the US Travel Association to relocate the evening event away from Sea World.

At the very least, we can create a high profile controversy and gain the attention of 380 travel writers.

NOTE: Please! Be polite, respectful and intelligent in your communications and prove that we are not the imbalanced extremists that Sea World claims us to be.
Address your email comments to:

Roger Dow, President & CEO, US Travel Assoc. –

Jonathan Grella, Exec. V.P., Public Affairs, US Travel Assoc. –

On Twitter:

US Travel on Twitter – @ustravelipw
Their hashtag – #ipw15

On Facebook:


US Travel Assoc. –

As said by fellow advocate Kimberly Ventre:

“Time to tell travel professionals that they need to eliminate animal cruelty from their supply chain!”