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Below is a list of organizations and individuals that we have had the absolute pleasure of working with in the past or that we endorse. We are proud to stand among these groups and people and are happy to help them with their work.

Marine connectionMarine Connection: Campaigning nationally and internationally for the welfare, protection and conservation of dolphins, whales and porpoises the Marine Connection is a small but very effective UK based  cetacean charity.

MissionBlue-Dot-RGB150Mission Blue: Mission Blue is a global initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance, a 501c3 organization, which was formed in response to Sylvia Earle’s 2009 TED Prize wish. Dr. Earle urged people “to use all means at your disposal — films, expeditions, the web, new submarines — to create a campaign to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas; Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the blue heart of the planet.” Currently, the Mission Blue community includes 90+ respected ocean conservation groups and like-minded organizations — from large multinational companies down to individual scientific teams doing important research. is an ocean community hub that seeks to make good on Sylvia’s wish by elevating public awareness about critical ocean issues and inspiring support for organizations, projects and scientific expeditions that make a positive difference for the ocean. Decades of overfishing, pollution, climate change, acidification and other human pressures threaten the fundamental nature of the ocean — and therefore threaten the future of humankind.

Free dolphins belgiumDauphins Libres: Founded in 1995 in Brussels, «Dauphins Libres» was initially devoted to the banning of dolphin captivity in Belgium. After having made closed Antwerp Zoo Dolphinarium in 1999, the first french talking website focused on dolphin captivity ever created turned itself to Bruges Dolphinarium – still active in 2013 – and is informing until today people about the fights for cetacean freedom and animal rights (particularly in zoos) all around the world. Free dolphins belgium Belgium is the core of Europe and that’s why our action is important : in June 28 2013, a huge street demo supported by Ric O’Barry and WDC occured in order to protest against captivity in Europe. Dauphins Libres organize regularly street demos against Japanese dolphin slaughters, Bruges dolphinarium or other related causes. Now, the website is sustained by a blog (Free Dolphin Belgium), a facebook page and a Twitter adress. “Dauphins Libres” is not an association with paying members, but a free independent project launched by journalist Yvon Godefroid, linked to a lot of animal friends in numerous countries. It is also the antenna of “La Dolphin Connection” in France.

OceanaOceana: Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Our offices in North America, South America and Europe work together on a limited number of strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help return our oceans to former levels of abundance. We believe in the importance of science in identifying problems and solutions. Our scientists work closely with our teams of economists, lawyers and advocates to achieve tangible results for the oceans.

Orca UnitedOrca United: We are a pending not-for-profit organization aimed at raising awareness for cetacean captivity around the world. Centered out of Toronto, Canada we intend to affect policy change that will enforce the Species at Risk Act and inform citizens about the unethical behaviour of marine-themed parks. Orca United has a tri-fold plan of action to ensure Canadian citizens and friends around the world understand why marine-themed parks are unethical.

LOGO.AIWild Earth Foundation: Wild Earth Foundation (WEF) is a non-profit conservation organization with seat in Peninsula Valdes, Chubut, Argentina. The staff includes marine biologists, veterinarians, commercial divers and experienced whale watching captains. WEF coordinates the stranding and disentanglement network for Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes, and the official necropsy team. As a conservation organization we have concentrated efforts on stopping wild captures, and we have promoted national and provincial laws to protect marine mammals wild populations. WEF is a member of Chubut Whale Watching Advisory board, and have participated in the update of the Whale Watching law and regulations in Chubut Province. In Argentina we collaborate with the Dolphin Safe Tuna monitoring program  (International Marine Mammals Project, Earth Island Institute).

Shark angelsShark Angels: Shark Angels use innovative education and advocacy programs to protect sharks, the ocean’s apex species. The health of the world’s oceans depends on healthy shark populations and every creature on earth depends on healthy oceans for survival. Shark Angels believes that grassroots outreach, creative media and education campaigns will inspire a global movement to save sharks, and the oceans.

Orca AwareOrca Aware: Orca Aware is an information campaign sponsored by UK marine mammal rescue charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue. We share up-to-date information and resources about everything orca and produce new resources and activities for adults and children to enjoy. Orca Aware acts as a source-pool for scientific, educational and journalistic material reporting on orca found around the world, both in the wild and in captivity. We assemble news and information about these apex ocean predators, so you can begin to appreciate orca on a whole new level.

HSUSThe Humane Society of the United States: The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization, rated the most effective by its peers. Since 1954, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs. We rescue and care for tens of thousands of animals each year, but our primary mission is to prevent cruelty before it occurs. We’re there for all animals, across America and around the world.

EarthraceLogo-blackEarthrace Conservation is a non-profit organisation, funded solely through donations, dedicated to tackling the serious issues that threaten oceans and marine life around the world. Whether engaging governments and others with the power to make positive changes that will protect marine life from exploitation and cruelty, or being on location with our crack missions team, ‘The Operatives’, providing assistance to countries facing severe threats such as poaching, we work hard to keep the oceans healthy.  Healthy oceans are critical to the survival of all species in the sea and on land. Everyone in Earthrace Conservation is a volunteer.  Even those who are unable to travel to take part in our campaigns around the world, work tirelessly organizing local and national initiatives that educate and inform so that as many people as possible of all ages understand the importance of safe guarding our oceans and marine life.

52Orcas Logo52Orcas: For over 50 years humans have developed relationships with captive orcas (aka killer whales). At the end of 2013 there were 52 orcas  housed at various marine parks around the world. Each of these creatures has a unique history that we will document through a series of profiles: graphic representations of the international captive killer whale population. Every week we release a whale, sharing their unique story. Our goal is to honor the distinct identity of each of these majestic creatures.

ovalsticker4.5x6 copy-tiffThe Clean Oceans Project (TCOP) is a 501c3 marine environmental non-profit organization in Santa Cruz, California with a vision of an ocean free of plastic pollution. Our scientific response to plastic accumulation in the oceans locates plastic debris concentrations, removes it from the environment with minimal impact and processes it into fuel to run the operation. TCOP programs begin with education and training to create efficient and effective teams for future expeditions to document and remove plastic from remote environments.

10575426_564863553642794_7590992646349203953_oFree the Mojave Dolphins is a grass roots public awareness campaign started in January 2013. The movement began in Southern California, and we are now based out of Las Vegas, NV. We hold protests several times a year outside of the Mirage on Las Vegas Blvd, handing out leaflets to tourists and locals. We document the condition of the dolphins from inside the facility. We do not expect these dolphins to be dumped into the sea and forgotten about. We realize that the vast majority of the Mojave Dolphins have been born into captivity and may not do well in the open ocean. We are working towards phasing out the dolphin show in Las Vegas by creating a bill to prevent the import and breeding of cetaceans within the state of Nevada. We also want the USDA/APHIS to enforce the Animal Welfare Act and provide these dolphins with the care they are entitled to by law.

Fish_Feel_logo-2Fish Feel is the sole organization devoted exclusively to promoting the recognition of fish as sentient beings deserving of respect and protection. Despite fish constituting the largest category of animals used for food (including as farmed animal feed), and despite huge numbers of fish harmed for research, “sport,”and aquaria, their well-being receives very little attention, including from the animal protection community. Fish Feel primarily serves to help educate the public as to why these animals are deserving of our appreciation, the immense problems caused by their exploitation, and how we can help them

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Alex Lewis-Dorer

Alex Lewis-Dorer is a 27 year old activist. Having watched The Cove during its initial release and learning about the capture practices and the dangers of captivity, she felt compelled to stand up and voice her concerns to others. Since then she has dedicated her time and energy to working towards educating others about ocean conversation. In 2012 Alex joined forces with Wendy Brunot to have a lone killer whale named Shouka, moved to an alternate marine park to be with other orcas. Following the news of a planned Beluga Whale import, Alex hosted a protest in Atlanta In July 2012 together with Free the Atlanta 11 and GARP which attracted significant attention to the issues behind such an initiative. Alex has also played a large part in being a strong voice against Marineland, Canada, holding a demo at the facility in May 2014 in honor of Kiska, Canada’s last captive whale. She has dedicated much of her time to bringing attention to Marineland’s suffering animals. She also voices her concerns over many other captive marine faculties and lends her hand on campaigns regarding this issue. Alex’s love is not limited to cetaceans – she sees the beauty in all marine life. She is excited to be part of the movement that will end captivity for all marine mammals. Alex is also a proud team member for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

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